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Gas Powered Concrete Cutters

Gas Powered Concrete Cutters

We are one of the promising Suppliers of Gas Powered Concrete Cutters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our Concrete Cutters are power cutter engineered to meet the demand for convenience and performance. This is portable Concrete Cutter with gasoline for cutting pillars and road without electricity and its wheel trolley stand used to cut floor slab in proper alignment. We can make easy and steady delivery of the Gas Powered Concrete Cutters.


Model P805A P805B
Engine Air cooled, two cycle engine Air cooled, two cycle engine
Displacement 71cc 71cc
Power 4.8 HP (3.5kw) 4.8 HP (3.5kw)
Fuel Tank Volume 700ml 700ml
Blade Diameter 14" (350mm) 14" (350mm)
Cutting Depth 5" (125mm) 5" (125mm)
Standard arbor Bushing 1" (25.4mm), 32 mm 1" (25.4mm), 32 mm
Wheel Trolly Without With
Wt. Kgs. 9,300 17,000


  • Model No. P805A

  • Model No. P805B